Crash. Boom. Harrison County history has it all.  Stories of oil booms & early astronauts. Today oil rigs and pipelines crisscross the county but this is the second oil/gas boom for Harrison County.  In the late 1800s, there were close to 2,000 oil wells located within the village limits of Scio alone.  This boom is what brought William Gable to the area where he raised his son, Clark who would go on to become the famous film actor, notably starring in Gone with the Wind, among many other films. Check this out at the Clark Gable Museum in Cadiz.

In 1934, the first woman in space was irresistibly drawn to Harrison County and dropped in on Cadiz, more accurately, crash-landed a stratospheric balloon after achieving an altitude of 57,000 feet with her husband and pet turtle Fleur de Lys.  First woman AND first turtle in space visit Harrison County.  (And the turtle may still be here!) 

Harrison County is that small, rural, quirky area that is a great for driving tours and quiet pursuits, like camping, hunting, and fishing at any of three marvelous lakes. Some say we have the best fishing and hunting in the state. 

Visit a bison ranch or a one room school house and end your day at our local winery. Come see for yourself! Countryside just hilly enough to offer spectacular vistas but gentle enough to be accessible. Lakes & park areas rival any others and an autumn drive through Piedmont, Tappan, or Clendening Lakes will take your breath away!


Did you know...

A mastodon tooth was found near Cadiz in 1874?

In 1878, 900,000 pounds of wool were purchased in Harrison County?

We have our own version of "Big Foot" called a Jimhinker; a mysterious animal, never seen, only heard.  No recent sightings.  

Harrison County has more than 4200 acres of lakes?

We have a sixteen-sided barn - one of only three in America.  Near Freeport.  Built in 1921.

Cadiz was the site of "the greatest bank robbery west of the Ohio River" in 1866.  About $25,000,000 in today's currency.

Credit for these tantalizing tidbits goes to our Historical Society.